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Messages posted by: Mavor
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I suppose all Private Messages you have received will also be deleted. So make a backup now before it's gone..
BIazingStar? You atill out there?
My main thought of Maine is FATTENING, but oh so I'm hungry.

Red's Eats' lobster roll

And flatness. Endless flat land. So flat you can see the curvature of the earth on the horizon. A flatness value of 1.000 would indicate “perfect, platonic flatness.” The pancake was scored as 0.957, which the researchers said is “pretty flat, but far from perfectly flat.” The value for Kansas, meanwhile was ~0.9997, or “darn flat,” as they said.
midnight1999 wrote:What makes you think I live in Britain exactly, mate. Just curious really.

I guess I was mistaken.

In other news, On Tuesday, Republicans won all but 1 elections with 5 of the winners being endorsed by Trump. Now you can complain or cheer as you wish. But Chuck Todd (current moderator of NBC's Meet the Press) take on the election was that it signaled the Democrats winning 40 to 60 seats in the House of Representatives in November. Can anyone explain to me how by losing 90% of the contests, you can gain 40 to 60 seats for Democrats. And just for perspective, If your favorite sports team plays 26 games a year and loses 23 of them, just how bat-sh** crazy do you have to be to think they will come in first in the rankings.
midnight1999 wrote:I think when Mavor screams sarcasm alert it’s because he doesn’t understand when someone else is bullSPOREing him.

I believe you live in Britain. Your view point on a solution would be nice to hear.
Creeper1212 wrote:


It is pretty much human nature to associate with people similar to you. If you are in a new place, would you rather live and interact with people who look and act like you, or people that are totally different and don't understand what you are going through? People integrating takes a lot of time, and distinct cultural groups could take generations to totally integrate.

You are correct about human nature. It generally takes about 3 generations ( 60 years ) to mostly integrate into a new culture. About the same length as between the Immigration Act of 1917 and the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965. During which time immigration was highly restricted but not totally banned.

Being concerned about people with other loyalties undermining society from within is just outright paranoia.

I totally agree. It is completel paranoia. But still it happens. Placing Japanese immigrants into internment camps on the West coast and a few Germans and Italians from the East coast into camps in Canada was done out of complete paranoia. But it did happen. And in the days after 9/11 the call for all people of Arab decent to be rounded up were fortunately quelled by efforts of both Republican and Democrat leadership. But it was called for and for a few days heavily discussed. It wasn't fair. It had no merit. And it was ill-conceived to begin with. But still it happened. Because that is what fear does to people. They become irrational and want simple answers that make their fear go away.

There are a whole lot more more people who are loyal to the country they are living in than there are people with other loyalties.

Again I agree. The 442nd Infantry Regiment was composed entirely of soldiers of japenese dissent and fought with distinguished honors in Europe during WWII. But some members still had relatives in camps on the West coast.


Also the example of Canadian-Americans is pretty terrible.

Agreed, but I thought it was the most likely not to generate rants of racism should I have picked from the other choices.

Runilith wrote:For future reference Mav, a better example than Canadian-Americans would have been the Sharia courts that are forming in Britain as a result of mass Islamic immigration to the region. These Sharia courts are taking precedence over British common law for fear of the law enforcement appearing racist. Look into this and make the argument for me, it's pretty fascinating stuff.

Jeez, and would you like me to walk on water while doing that? At least illegal immigrants to the US generally have laws based on the same religious concepts and teachings like the ten commandments. And even though a lot of their governments are dysfunctional, they where set up on a democratic republic model at some point. But with the British problem, you have a complete disconnect between cultures. I'm not sure that any kind of solution can be found without a massive upheaval. Either the British government will have to forcibly exert it's sovereignty leading to bloodshed or British culture will be fundamentally changed to a more Islamic model also leading to bloodshed. Because of government choices, they are looking at a very troubled future. Or of course they could always do what they have done in the past. SARCASM Alert!! Sarcasm begins now: Have country wide riots where they kill a lot of them like they did with Jews and Flemish people in the middle ages. And then ship the rest of the undesirables off to some penal colony like the Falkland Islands.
Runilith wrote:
Mavor wrote:
Runilith wrote:Open the borders.

Finally a topic rather than a personal attack.

I take the opposite position. Close the borders to all immigrants. And here are my reasons I think that the borders should be closed at this time.


this but unironically

Ok, but exactly how do you plan to pay and administer this. Do you plan to screen out criminals and the like. Or is everyone welcome. What do you do about employment. 2.1 million jobs were added to the to the US economy in 2017 (which was a record year). Open borders could bring in an estimated 4 to 8 million people a year*. Do these new people automatically get social security, medicare, unemployment and food stamps. And how do you plan to provide the housing for these masses? At it's highest, new housing sales only numbered 1.3 million units a month. That would just barely cover immigrants let alone US citizens. And of course, do the immigrants have the money to buy new homes should one be available. Or are immigrants going to be allowed to bypass construction laws to set up shanty towns out of shipping containers and cardboard.. Or will the government build them housing at taxpayer expense. And how do you prevent inflation in food, housing, and fuel costs as the numbers increase each year. Are environmental regulations going to be removed so that the electric, gas, water, and waste disposal facilities can be built to service a city the size of Los Angles each year. And roads will need to be built. Where does this money come from? Not to mention that coal mines and refineries will be need to be built and expanded to fuel all the new electric plants and cars. And what about disease control. The US has not had a major epidemic because of preventative herd immunizations programs. Most third world countries can't even dream of these programs. How do you safeguard US citizens from this threat. I'm just asking for how these problems would realistically be addressed and paid for if the US went to an open borders policy.

*The US currently accepts 1.2 million legal immigrants a year and returns an yearly average of 800,000 individuals who are arrested trying to cross the border (20 year average). illegal immigrants reaching the US per year is unknown and estimate vary wildly. There are 6 million immigration applications received by the US on average each year.
Runilith wrote:Open the borders.

Finally a topic rather than a personal attack.

I take the opposite position. Close the borders to all immigrants. And here are my reasons I think that the borders should be closed at this time.

1. The illegal immigrants that are crossing the border are generally an uneducated group seeking employment in menial jobs that are generally provided by unsavory businesses. They are not paid even close to minimum wage and are kept in a state of constant fear that they may be deported. In effect these people are being used as slaves. Their pay is so low that they are unable to purchase adequate housing and their educational level gives them little chance to move up in society. The jobs they hold usually have no benefits. They usually go unnoticed by safety officials and the fear of interacting with any government officials helps keeps them in those situations. They are the backs that evil individuals use to raise themselves up while creating a sub group to be preyed upon. It creates a closed society of despair and poverty. Which could in turn generate individuals like those of the middle east and former Soviet nations that turn to extreme violence because they have nothing else.

2. Legal immigrants to the United States have been flooding in since the 1960's at a rate that does not allow time for their assimilation into US society. Without this integration, they have formed enclaves of individuals that pose problems (both real and imagined) for the future. The Japanese were placed into camps by Roosevelt mostly because of fear of a similar situation. Small communities of individuals not willing to (or banned from) interacting with society as a whole. This could well happen again with Arab, Chinese, or a dozen other nationalities, should we go to war with their nation of origin. And can easily be avoided by giving them time to become Americans rather than Canadian-Americans for example.

Fab_Hair wrote:I think there's a disconnect occurring here. It's not that some of the people here mind political discourse, hell, they even enjoy it. They just don't enjoy it with you.

Yes, I can see how a conservative view point would not be welcome by some of the people here. Personally I feel the same about their liberal posts.

As long as your aim is to convert or to "win" no matter the cost, you're never going to find any meaningful discussion with anyone - and as soon as you start ignoring facts (i.e. yelling "fake news"), you lose credibility. Who wants to listen to that?

Before this response, I took the time to re-read every post I have made in this thread. I found that "in general" my responses to new items were factual and to the point. That any new topic I added, was of a top political item of the day. And on a few occasions I even agreed at least in part with those who had other views and said so. I also found that I became more and more harsh with those that would reply not to me but "at me". Calling me names, attempting to take away my free speech, questioning my intelligence, or my morals, would be meet with progressively more aggressive responses as the attacks continued from an individual. Don't like it? I don't care. Don't want it to happen? Then stick to the topic and not how much you hate Trump and by extension me. I wear my MAGA hat proudly and not behind a bandanna to hid my face.

Normally the OP or a mod gets the final say on how the topics get to be discussed, but the forum's going down so I don't give a SPORE.

By all means, contact a MOD. But if you think I am just going to sit back and not respond to propaganda, fake news, lies, and personal attacks, you are mistaken.


Nice . A young man secretly flipping the bird while playing the Yugio card game and with a sinister look on his face. (well as sinister as one can look while playing Yugio). Thank you for reinforcing my general characterizations of how the people on this thread behave and why I feel justified to respond the way I do.

He said, "When you buy groceries you need ID." Not "When you go to the Grocery store to buy Alcohol and Tobacco you need ID" Stop defending Stupidity

I go shopping once a week at the grocery store. I get carded. And guess what I don't tell people that I am going to the the grocery store to buy groceries and buybeer and buy cigars and that I'm going to be paying by check. I just say I'm going to the grocery store. I'm glad you take the time to inform others on each purchase you plan to make.

CNN? I don't think I've ever watched a segment from CNN.

So what is the point? It was CNN that had a round table about how bad this was. And if you hate how the people on FOX sound so much, why do you watch it at all.

I take this as an insult especially when you have been proven wrong many times in this thread. No offense but You're just pretty ignorant.

So, you think I'm wrong that most states have underage drinking and smoking laws after all. And you call me ignorant.

Even Fox started proving Fox wrong!

OMG! the liberal Fox pundit completely disagrees with the Conservative FOX pundit. I roll my eyes in disbelief and quickly look for a YouTube clip of the liberal CNN pundit saying the opposite of the Conservative CNN pundit. Wait there isn't a conservative pundit with there own show at CNN. Besides it would be ignorant to blindly believe either network's opinion shows. Because they are opinion shows. Not news, OPINION.

This administrations lies and then doubles down on their lies when caught, they are very unprofessional, most are racist.

Proof of any kind would be really helpful for these claims.

Russia is an Ally now

Proof of any kind would be really helpful

Why am I paying 10 dollars for a bag of grapes that was once 7

I'm sure that $15.00 an hour minimum wage hike in California that liberals passed had nothing to do with it.
6 dollars for Coffee that used to cost 4

Well, since the US isn't even listed on the coffee production map on wiki, sounds like to need to blame that on the leaders of countries other than Trump. And in case you are wondering, the top 5 producers of coffee are not under Trump tariffs. I wonder if it might have something to do with the terrible coffee harvest in Columbia and Brazil that has driven up the prices. Nope, must be Trump.
All my can goods went up

Get used to it. When my grandfather was a kid, cokes were a nickel for a 16 oz bottle made of glass. But Trump was probably working his evil even in the 1930's.

Racism is at an all-time high

Are you familiar with the Tulsa race riots of 1921. Or the 1943 Zoot suit riots in Los Angeles. I think it might have been worse then. Just saying.

Trump won't condemn any of this hate

Proof of any kind would be really helpful. And please make it larger than a single person being shot.

We're paying for the wall! You can say what you want but America is not great.

Well not after Obama anyways.

Look how you talk!

Yes and look how you say the exact same thing. Idiot Trumpite so brainwashed that you would gladly lock children in cages while defending your orange master. But of course you're justified because I like Trump.

We stopped all military exercises on the peninsula! What did we get??!

Exactly $14 million dollars, 50 remains of US soldiers returned and one rocket engine testing facility shut down and disassembled so far. (and the rocket testing facility was not the nuclear testing facility that N. Korea blew up) Not bad for 2 months of negotiations. I forget, what had Obama come up with after his first 2 months of negotiations with Iran, Oh right, nothing. He still had 2 years to go until he even had an agreement on where the talks would be held.

And I leave you with this! Really watch it! Its interesting

I did watch it. It was mildly funny. I liked how themain reporter kept smashing cans against his head. Because lord know that is what I'm looking for in my newsfeed. Now, want to try one from me?

especially when you have been proven wrong many times in this thread

Your reading comprehension skill must be severely lacking. I have never been proven wrong in this thread. Others have declared me wrong because they "feeeeeeeeeel" they are right. But not a single time have they provided any evidence from a creditable source to contradict my positions. Usually they site some opinion show/blog or most commonly just demand that they are right. Then they quickly change the subject to something else. Any questions from me to clarify their positions are ignored, at which point they usually throw up a strawman argument on a totally unrelated subject(or claim I have done it). Like you they never provide any evidence for their claims, just their feelings. Then they begin calling me names or claim I have somehow greatly offended them, If I respond in kind. even moderately, they cry foul and that they have been gravely insulted and beg the rest of the forum to "feeeeeeel" their pain. And at that point they claim victory and that they are taking their ball and going home. BTW, my favorite strawman is when they first make a claim that I watch to much news (actually I read). Then they say I'm not informed enough on the issue. And that nobody on the political discourse thead cares (about having a political discourse). Followed by how much they hate news and politics (while on the political discourse thread).

And Don't expect a reply from me because you won't be getting one! I hate politics
Which explains why you came to the political discourse thread in the first place....I guess.

Now memes! Expect thousands of those from me because that's what I do!

Great! BTW, have you made any money at it yet?

I'm not offended. I was just making sure that everyone (including those under legal age) was completely, utterly and without question aware of the falsehoods on which the meme was based; of how CNN got it wrong again; and that the meme creator should feel very foolish. But I'm curious, you mention an insult to "members of the Sporum". Are you saying that pointing out states do require ID to purchase tobacco and alcohol is an insult? Or are you saying that pointing out CNN got it wrong and then treating them like they treated Trump for 2 days is an insult? Or are you saying that the insult was to say that the creator of the MEME must feel foolish since I pointed out the obvious flaw with it? (Unless of course they were a brain dead liberal unable to think for themselves) Not the most scathing insult I've ever heard but I guess it could be one, no matter how accurate. Or was it the "many of you people are underage children" remark. Which if you are under 18 is the proper term for those not yet of legal age? Are you claiming that all users of the Sporum are above legal age? Because 'MANY" of them are not and may be unaware of tobacco and alcohol purchasing laws. Perhaps you should take a short break.You seem to be twisting words and pulling them out of context to fit you own agenda.

And look, another meme in your reply also calling Trump a complete idiot and a liar and that I personally want children in cages.(Not that it was designed to egg me on or anything right?) After all, the "people on the SPORE FORUMS" are the true victims here of a terrible attack by me. And I should care that I might have offended them with that massive insult (what ever it was).

BTW was the FOX news remark an ad hominem or a strawman argument, since Fox had nothing to do with calling Trump out of touch.
In case you don't understand the meme above, it is about Trump saying that if you are required to show your ID to buy groceries, then why not require one to vote. To which CNN had a news-gasm that Trump was out of touch because they didn't think you need an ID card at the grocery store.

I realize that many of you people are underage children ill-equipped to understand how the world really works. So, I will attempt to try to educate you on this point. At least with respect to life in the USA. I have to show my drivers license every single time that I buy tobacco, beer or wine at the grocery store or when I pay by check. Even though they know me. The cashier has to type in my license number before the register will allow the purchase of alcohol or tobacco. And while I haven't been in every state, the 27 I have been in, have rules very similar to prevent underage drinking and tobacco use.

Opps, did I just point out the obvious. Did I prove yet again that CNN is fake news? I wonder if CNN forgot about that. They must be members of that arrogant elite that do not understand that people might have to pay by check or buy cheap beer and wine at the grocery store. Man, they look like they are the people that are out of touch with regular Americans, not Donald Trump. The craft beer and $50.00 bottle of wine people that pay with their unlimited platinum card . Unless they have "Their People" do that for them. But then CNN does support the party that calls up to $2000.00 dollars extra in your pocket a month just crumbs. I bet whoever created that meme sure fells like an idiot now for allowing CNN to do all their thinking for them. Oh wait, they are probably in an advanced state of TDS and completely out of touch with reality and are only able to hear the shrill tones of Jim Acosta's whinning.

I completely disagree. Saying the word Trump does not make a Trump supporters meltdown and explode. But then again, liberals never just say Trump. They have to say "Trump is, followed by the meltdown issue of the week". Liberals on the other hand become violent masses of profanity at just seeing a MAGA hat or a Trump 2020 sign. And have to form into riotous mobs to protest. Admit it, when was the last time you saw a Republican mob. So, it is clearly the libs that suffer from a true mental disorder called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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