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Raktha Template Challenge - Winners announced!  XML
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Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 09/05/2008 20:28:29
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Winners announced!!
1. Raktha By 0-silentium-0
2. Raktha By phoenixtaloh
3. Raktha By 0-silentium-0

Honorable Mention:
4. Spiny Raktha By Orsapolska
5. Raktha By WforWumbo
6. Raktha By WforWumbo

In game preview:

* The colors may be slightly off here as we're still working on the atmospheric effects.

Update: The deadline for this challenge has passed. Check back soon to see the results!

Two Part Challenge

Round 1: Submit a template (Dates: 8/24 - 9/7)
Players created template creatures based on the bio below. Templates were judged on creativity, adherence to the bio, simplicity, and how well they animate. This round is over.
Winner: Raktha Template By Conswella

Round 2: Submit a finished creature (Dates: 9/10 - 9/24)
Using the template above, submit a creation that shows us how you think the Darkspore Raktha NPC should look. Decorate and paint the creature, but don't alter the base template in any way. Entries will be judged on how cool they look.


Bio: Rakthae are the children of two epochs of mutation on Cryos: the Crogenitor era, and the Darkspore era. Originally, they survived Cryos’s descent into an ice age, the Rakthae evolved into double-extremophiles. They flourished when the Crogenitors ripped Cryos with rivers and oceans of plasma, gaining the ability to metabolize plasma itself (especially advantageous with the planet’s dwindling food supply).

But when the Darkspore invaded Cryos, they bent the beautiful creatures to their own will. Protected by halos of flame, the Rakthae inflict flaming devastation on any who attack them bodily, and aim fiery vengeance at any target. Whether defensive or offensive, Raktha flames are difficult to extinguish and can quickly turn terrible wounds into terrifying death.

Color/Vibe references:

What will the challenge winner(s) get?
The winner of round 1 will be featured. Winners of round 2 will be featured and may be included as NPC designs in Darkspore! Credit will go to both the template and final creature artists for any creations that go into Darkspore.

Challenge Rules:
• To submit an entry, tag it with: mcrakthachallenge
• You can submit as many entries as you’d like
• All submissions must be in by 11:00am PDT September 24, 2010
• Optional: Post screenshots or YouTube movies of your creation on the forum

Winning Criteria
• No parent author in the lineage other than yourself or Conswella
• No offensive/copyright protected references in entry
• No links/references to other sites in submission tags/name/description
• No cheats allowed
• No using the invisible limbs bug
• Asymmetry is allowed, but entries should be in a default idle stance.

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Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 09/05/2008 20:28:29
Messages: 2826

Challenge FAQ

Your questions answered here.

Q: How complex should I make the template?
A: We'll be looking for simpler creations. Having a simpler template design will boost your entry's chances of winning.

Q: Will all challenges follow this format in the future?
A: Probably not. We're experimenting here, and we want to test out some of your brilliant ideas. We'll see how we like it, we'll see how you like it, and gauge how best to run challenges after we've done this trial run.

Q: Can I use "floating parts"?
A: It is unlikely that we'll choose a creature with floating parts as the winner. We advise against it.

Q: Is C&C allowed?
A: Yes, however, if you use C&C and are a winner of round 1, we will publish a duplicate version of your template with alternative parts for non C&C players for round 2.

Is it possible to win with our own template?
A: Yes. If you create the winning template, then make one of the best entry creations based on it, it is possible!

Q: How many detail parts should I add to my template?
A: The best templates will have very few or zero details. A good rule of thumb is to include just the basic form. When designing your template, you can add eyes, nubbly bits, and doodads to your hearts content, but I suggest that you at least submit one version where it's stripped of everything except just the mouth, limbs and spine. We'll be choosing a template that offers a lot of freedom for creative expression in round 2, so if you've locked in where the eyes go, other players won't have a chance to experiment with that feature. Just a tip!

Q: I recently searched "mcrakthatemplate" in the Sporepedia. Only one of my entries shows up in the search results... All of my entries are properly tagged and named. What am I missing here?
We reindex for search on a schedule, so your creation may not have been caught in that yet. We will be sure to reindex creations before judging to make sure all entries are considered.

Q: How do I add an image to my post and make it link back to my creation?
A: Follow these steps:

1. Get the Image URL
In Firefox: Right click on your creation in the Sporepedia and choose "Copy Image Location"
In IE: Right click on your creation in the Sporepedia and choose "Properties". Then highlight the URL and right click to copy it (or CTRL C)

2. Set up an image link to the Sporepedia
In your forum post, use the following BBCode.

3. Add your image
Paste (CTRL V) the Image Location you have on your clipboard between the open and closed image tags in the BBcode listed above.

4. Link to the proper creation
Replace the XXXXXXXXXXXX from the BBCode with the 12 digit asset ID, found at the end of the Image Location you just pasted.


Q: Do you have to enter a template to win in round 2?
A: Nope!

Q: Why doesn't you choose 2 or 3 Templates for the second round? There were a lot of other good Templates, so why don't you take more then one?
A: The reason we choose only one template is so that the custom animations, effects, etc. that we make for the winning creation can be generalized to all winners if there are more than one per challenge. That's the whole point of having a template.

Q: You didn't let us vote on the winning template, Maxis? Why?
A: As many of you have pointed out in the past, there are flaws in our current voting system. For example, players could create multiple accounts with the Free Creature Creator and artificially inflate votes for a particular creation. Until we have less loopholes in the voting system, we probably won't be using voting for something as important as this. Another reason we didn't do this is because we preview your entries in the Darkspore game. We need to see how your creations fit with the environment here.

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Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 09/05/2008 20:28:29
Messages: 2826

Winning Entries & Darkspore

Earlier we announced that the secret purpose of the Maxis Template Challenges was to allow players to help us design some of the NPCs in Darkspore.

This is THE FIRST challenge since announcement, and I hope we get a huge tidal wave of entries now that you guys know the real reward at stake here.

No Template?

We're still getting a feel for how best to run these challenges. The feedback you guys have been provided is helping shape the process here. We know you've been making unbelievably cool creations based on our templates, but this time we want to give you a chance to spread your wings and really come up with some cool designs on your own.

This is based on your feedback, so I've got to give credit to you for helping us redesign our challenge format. This is a trial run, so we'll see how it goes. Let us know if you like the original template format better, or if you prefer this new style of challenge!

In the past, the templates are based on NPCs in Darkspore that have already been designed, with art and engineering behind them to make sure they work well in the game. We simply skin the current Darkspore NPCs with the models you provide us.

With the new format, we'll be doing the art, effects, animations, etc. after we determine the winners. This means a team of Maxis folks will be at work making YOUR winning creations shine in the game.

I'm super confident that you guys are going to come up with some work that will blow them away and inspire them as they're puppeteering your creations to life in the game. Make me proud!


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Joined: 07/08/2010 17:58:59
Messages: 95

Yeah! Another challenge! My first entries:

EDIT - First entry for round 2:

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Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 10/12/2009 22:32:12
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The Opposite Side of the Wormhole


My first entry:

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Joined: 08/18/2009 20:07:45
Messages: 14209


And look, we create our own templates. GENIUS!

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Joined: 12/12/2009 20:29:38
Messages: 636
Android Hell


YES! This is gonna be great. I'm so entering this one.

No u


Joined: 04/03/2009 20:25:38
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Darksporeparts for CoreSpore!! ^^ ~~click me~~



Joined: 07/31/2009 16:53:43
Messages: 16

I am SO entering this!
I think I have a good template in my head right now.

EDIT-Well these are three Rakthae I'd like to enter.

EDIT2-And some more.

Non C&C

Non C&C

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Joined: 08/18/2009 20:07:45
Messages: 14209

Never mind, question answered.

lol newbies

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Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 03/27/2009 16:08:24
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First in!! Whenever that's good or bad, we'll have to see.

The optimist sees a glass as half full, the pessimist sees the glass as half empty and The Grox sees the glass as a threat and blasts it to pieces.


Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 05/02/2010 15:20:58
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Maintaining a thread like a bauss


This idea is AWESOME! I am SO joining!

But I have a question: You said that "with the new format, we'll be doing the art, effects, animations, etc. after we determine the winners. This means a team of Maxis folks will be at work making YOUR winning creations shine in the game." Does that mean the entries will be judged on animation?

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Joined: 09/10/2009 07:56:08
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Wondeful world of Milky rivers and Cookie land!


Outstanding. I won´t enter though, because of the school starting and all that... But still, can´t wait to see all those creations in the game!



Joined: 10/28/2008 04:51:49
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Coolest challenges ever!!!

My first entry.

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Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 04/19/2010 18:11:14
Messages: 4259

I am entering this.

Probably not the first part though.

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