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Behind You.


Congratulations Roleplayers due to your participation in the original roleplaying thread we have been honored with our very own forum! After the original Roleplaying thread died out Ne0nus created the amazing Rp2 Thread. After a whole 400 posts a few of us decided it is time...for rp3.

I was beyond happy when I was asked to be the person to post Roleplay 3. So after a lot of work by Ne0nus, Darkov, and Workbreaker276(Archereon), and just a little from me I proudly present to you..Roleplaying 3.

We live in orbit of a pulsar, protected from its destructive radiation by the massive magnetic fields of the two moons, which has the side effect of practically ripping the the planet in two, creating a tremendous rift chasm at the prime meridian of the planet called the Abyss, which is hundreds of miles deep and spans the entire planet, pole to pole. There is also huge pocket of mostly breathable gas floating in the exosphere (beyond the atmosphere) which only touches with the planet's atmosphere once every 20 years, and even more amazing, the air pocket also touches with the atmosphere of one of the moons (it changes every cycle). The pulsar creates a spectacular visual effect every thousand years, when it pulses, creating a spectacular flash and patter in the sky.

Here are the rules...(There is a bunch of tips at the bottom of the description)
-We all start in creature, no exceptions, but you may eventually advance. This time we may
be going to space eventually. (somebodies gonna have to play a lot of aliens if we do.)
-To advance, you must get permission from a moderator, or have a very good reason (discretion
of mods) to be advanced faster than other races. This rule doesn't apply to evolving, which you can
do at any time.
-Technology and Sentience is generally superior to natural abilities, with few exceptions, (ask if you don't know)
-Creatures can still interact with tribes or civs, and vice versa, by domestication stealing food, ect.
-No spamming or god modding. This includes double posting and bumping, 1 warning will be given,
and if you persist, you will be ignored for 2 pages.
-Use "OOC:" (without quotations) when your talking out of character. This does not include introducing your race.
-Creatures can be domesticated if actively pursued by a civ or tribe, or with a mutual agreement between two RPers. By this token it is also possible to conquer and subjugate other nations, but its going to be much harder
than domestication, especially if you have a similar technology level.
-In addition to being a land creature, you may also play as an underground creature (in the abyss),
a sea creature, a tree creature, air creature (in the Void Pocket), pretty much anything you can imagine
so long as it's reasonable.
- Please do not post fully OOC. If you make more than 3 in a row fully OOC posts (especially off topic OOCs), it will be treated as spam.
- Please post with a minimum of 3 sentences per post. Try to check your spelling and avoid irrelevant posts
after you reach tribal. (This is because creature is often the most hectic and confused)

Entry Form (* marks an optional category)
**Some species may live in more than one region, though you shouldn't be on 2 different
continents when starting out.
***Include carnivore/herbivore and, if you didn't provide a picture, a physical description.
-Species Name
-Picture or link to species*

Here is the list of regions in the world (C1 means continent 1, C2 means continent 2)

The first Continent which is named Tai'tarra
(thats the geographical map of C1)

And the Second Continent which is named Se'rien

(C1)The Headlands : The headlands are a series of huge cliffs overlooking the ocean on the northern coast of the first continent.The ocean has over time carved a long narrow bay , separating it in two. It is dotted with numerous sand banks and a large beach on the southern end. Making traversing the water with ships very risky. The ocean passing through the beach sands becomes cleansed and purified. This water flows down into the Tai'tarran Basin. Every hundred or so years when the northern sea thaws the bay betweens the headlands fills up slightly. Every 10000 or so years the Bay becomes so full of water that the beach can no longer filter the water away. The water breaks over the beach and rushes in a torrent into the Ta'tarran Basin , flooding it.

(C1)The tai'tarran Peaks : These imposing mountains can be seen from across the continent. Exposure to the elements has left them windswept and devoid of most plant life. Giving them a brown .dead look to them. Contrary to belief there is life here. Many subterranean species live in the area as well as some mammals who find solace in the areas many caves. They all subsist on a diet of other creatures and on the small plants that have adapted to the harsh rocks of the peaks.

(C1)The Quitn Bay is located on the southwestern shore of the first continent. It is Surrounded by the high cliff walls of the Auroral Heights on the north side , the long winding mountains of the Fein grass lands to the east and the warm seas to the south and south west. Because of its seclusion it has come to be the home of many species of aquatic and amphibious creatures as well as birds who come down from the Auroral heights to feed on the many fish.

(C1)The thunder flats: The thunder flats is a vast strip of desert constantly besieged by tremendous storms. Every thousand years, a super storm triggered by the pulsar causes a mass extinction. Sentient species living here would most likely see this as a religious cleansing. It is located on the north/south border

(C1)The Fein Grass Lands (including the southern Fein Grass Lands) are long rolling plains of yellowish and brown plant life.It is cut off from the Western Side of the continent by a long winding cliff which only open up at the very southern end. The constantly stormy weather of the Thunder Flats that border have had a detrimental effect on life in the area. It has dried much of the surface water sources ,leaving the main source of water in the area the subterranean water table. Every year see the eastern border of the Fein Grassland die just a little bit more. It is believed that one day the entire Grass lands with be enveloped by the same storm system as the Thunder Flats and kill all life in the area.

The Tai'tarran Basin is a lush rainforest valley located on the western continent .it is is the most fertile region in the world ,due to its geography. After millions of years of erosion, valleys and mountains have formed,that direct nearly every source of water there.It is surrounded by large cliffs that work as natural dams against the great rivers.. Every 10,000 years the rivers break their banks and overflow the cliff dams. Because of this, the central
area of the basin is nearly flooded, and it takes 40 years for the water to drain.

From below it a beautiful rain forest with a pristine lake in the center where the rivers meet. Light pierces the thick trees and gives the undergrowth a silvery hue. Thick jagged rocks at the top of the cliffs turns the running rivers into sparkling waterfalls than fill the air of the area with a constant rushing of water. Because of all this the area has become home to many of the worlds creatures ,making it the most beautiful place as well the most deadly. The competition for food and access to the water has lead to creatures becoming very territorial and fighting each other for control so that they can have the best mating grounds for themselves. For a creature to live here they will find themselves in competition with other possibly more evolved creatures for dominance or just for land to live in.

(C1) The Auroral Heights: A large plateau region that extends into the ionosphere, exposing it to large amounts of radiation that would effect its denizens strangely. Combined with the Tai'tarran highlands, it creates a natural barrier, nearly sealing off the Western region of the continent

(the Prime meridian) The Abyss: The chasm running up and down the Prime Meridian of the planet, pole
to pole. It contains several huge salt deposits from oceanic water that sometimes flows down, and it is
ever dark in the deeper region, except for luminous fungi. For all purposes, this is the underground region
of the planet, and is hundreds of miles wide, and volcanic at some parts. When the Tai'tarran basin overflows,
its water falls into the Abyss, where it evaporates, bringing moisture back to the Void Pocket.

(in Orbit)The void pocket: The huge air pocket floating in orbit of the planet. Over 10,000 year cycles, it gradually becomes dry as all of its water is used up. When the water from the Tai'tarran Valley's flooding evaporates, it returns moisture to the nearly barren stretch of air. Every 20 years the air pocket connects one of the moons and the planet, directly above the Tai'tarran Basin.

The Frozen Seas : The frozen seas is a great vast frozen wasteland at the poles of the continent. Every 100 years, the pulsar's high energy pulses thaws the sea partially for about a year. This leaves much of the land in the area exposed. This land is otherwise submerged much of the time. The water from this melting causes a temporary rise in world sea levels , causing a chain that causes the flooding of The Tai'tarran Basin.

(C2)The Shifting Highlands : The shifting highland consists mostly of hills and mountains. It is extremely tectonically active, and the landscape is constantly changing, becoming nearly unrecognizable every 1,000 years. The severity of the tectonic activities in the region have causes it to shift and buckle over the years and eventually led to parts of the area breaking off and floating away. This is the reason for the separation of the Continent into 3 main parts. The main island made up of the Shifting Highlands , and the whistling grasslands and whistling sands , the southern island made up of the stinging mire and the Ser 'thran Islands made up of many separate islands that broke off millions of years ago.

(C2)The whistling sands: A small desert region bordering the whistling grasslands. It is subject to the same windstorms as the Whistling grasslands, but this tempest forms a huge sandstorm every three years rather than a natural melody.

(C2)The stinging mire: The Stinging Mire is a large marsh/swamp region. Every year, acid vents trigger across the marsh, tainting much of the water with sulfuric acid.

(C2)The whistling grasslands: The whistling grassland is a temperate grassland, mostly peaceful and tranquil. Its central region is mostly forest, and every 3 years a huge whirlwind blows across the plains, creating a haunting melody throughout the region. It the center of the region is a large long mountain. This region is bordered by the Sea on all sides except for the northern side which joins the Shifting Highlands.

(C2)The Ser ' Thran Islands : These islands are mountainous and hard to traverse but are home to many forms of plant ,bird and aquatic life. Long ago they were part of the Main Island but were ripped away by a massive earthquake that left the region torn and broken.

Besides the descriptions of the regions, its up to you to "map out" (not literally) the little tidbits of detail in regions.
Feel free to go beyond the boundaries of the game, and don't trigger the thousand event cycles too often...

Tips (no need to read them)
-Try to describe not just what actions occur, but how it occurs, it makes events less monotonous.
-There's no need to rush your advancement, its not a race.
-Don't post too many fully OOC posts
-Advancement is gradual, you don't move straight from creature to full tribal, and would
most likely go through a stone age equivalent period. On the same token, you don't go from
tribal to full modern civ, you go through things such as bronze age (like the Greeks), classical (Romans),
Medieval times, Rennisance, ect.
-To add a little spice it would be a great idea for you and another player to be 2 races or the same race together. It could easily make this roleplaying thread a lot more exciting.

Thread Mods: PrinceofIce

I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. I will join this after 1 more post is made so this post doesn't include my own creature summary. I hope all of you have fun and remember to make your posts detailed.

Welcome...To the Epic...

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Who actually cares anyway? Leave me alone.



A pack of Mitzan are travelling through their underground tunnel network, the Alpha leading on. They become hungry, and go on a hunt, hunting large rats. Unfortunately, few can be found, so they decide to go up to the surface. The Alpha pokes his eyes out, then crawls out of the ground. The other Mitzan shortly follow.

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Hahaha! You really cwammed up with inzec!

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The Sporum, you fools.


-Species Name: Firefoxes
-Picture or link to species:
-Region: Ice Volcano
-Description: The Firefoxes are a carnivorous, but fairly friendly species. They hunt large creatures, and don’t back down from fights, but they will befriend some species.
-Color: Bronze

First one!
The Firefoxes run to the ice volcano, as they are looking to live there.

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Oh ya know . . . That-a way. . .


I have two guys (Orange for Fearnoth, Lime for Swilmus)

They live on the second continent in the Stinging Mire! At this satge they are about 4-5 feet tall and have a poinsonous stinger. They are recourceful but not necessarly smart. They are carnivores. Swilmi(plural) are not super strong but they are fast and stealthy.

Fearnoth also live on the second continenet In the mountainous part of the Stinging Mire. Though they are few in number they are big and strong. They are 8-10 ft tall. They are strong and can fly. Fearnoth are carnivores and chase down their prey for they are neither stealthy or quiet. They are smart but will never evolve the use of tools because they cannoth hold them.

A lone Swilmus traverses the swamp are looking for food. He spotts somthing in the distace. It looks to be a small rat like rodent. He swiftly sprints to it and snashes it up without the creature even knowing what happened.

A Fearnoth glides down to a peak that she keeps her nest. She senses somthing is wrong. When she lands her eggs are gone! She looks to find the theif, but to no avail. . .


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Somewhere in hell.


Continent 1:

Continent 1 Resource:

Continent 2:

Continent 2 Resource:

Continent 3 <Temporary>:

Resource Legend:

The Neutron Crystal: Its powered by the neutron star and is located in the abyss. Once powered it becomes radioactive. It loses energy very slow and has enormous capacitive. By the time its power again, its energy is 80% full.

Tain'nar Crystals: Rare crystal that can, with adequate technology, be used for tremendous energy potential.

Battery Substance: With the constant lightning strikes, the thunder belt hosts various highly charged substances that act as very good energy sources (battery like)

This is a link to all creature descriptions that i gathered. If yours is missing or incorrect, pm me.
Here is the link, its a text file that opens by the browser automatically: Descriptions

The Big One:
Bankotsu wrote: ERA Summary(under Construction reviewing last 15 pages)

Major events (chronological)

A Great comet of azure inferno enters the atmosphere exploding over C1, causing much destruction and havoc but killing few animals due to the nature of its explosion.

A Massive Earth Quake Shakes the foundation of the Shifting highlands and Ser'than isles. The central shifting highlands was warped beyond recognition.

The pulsar emits another discharge that sweeps across the atmosphere in a spectacular display, in turn causing another massive flood that takes many lives and displaces hundreds of thousands of creatures.


Known Races: There are an astonishing about of individual sentients on this world who have to potential to carve their existence throughout this galaxy, why its almost tempting enough for me to blow this world to dust to stomp any would be Tyrants of the galaxy.....unfortunately I am not permitted to do so.....though Im sure the Senate in its frail condition as it is now. I;d be doing us all a favor....the Galactic senate wont last long with this mounting pressure, the last thing we need is anything from this world to break the Jaogi's back...


Basin Selki ( Requires update)
Technology Invented:
*Bone club
*Simple fishing spear (sharp stick)

*Sentience: S-4?

*20 (20 children born, lost both parents)

*With Geildak

Grassland Selki
Technology Invented:
*Throwing Rocks
*Simple throwing spear (sharp sticks)
*Rib cage watchtower (mammoth-sized animal's rib cage positioned verticially in the ground)

*35 Members (some defected to Archon as domesticated animals)

*Wandering around the southwest tip of the Southern Grasslands, freindly toward the Archon but hostile to everything else.

Species Name:Geildak (potential update?)

Region:Tai'Tarran Basin.

Sentience: estimate S-4 (due to the nature of the creature, many creatures sharing one mind it cannot be directly measured until technological advances are made.--Update?

Description:The Geildak are a hive mind.They're amphibious,and carnivorous.They're mind is still young and developing,so other races may influence them.

*Chaste System.
Geildak Lurkers are the main soldiers.They are quick,and capture prey that strays too close while they're hiding in the water.
Geildak Hunters are much stronger than the Lurkers,but there are fewer.As their name suggests they go,and hunt instead of waiting.
Geildak Workers nurture the queen,and the young.They expand the colony,and occasionally go outside as scavengers.
Geildak Queen are little more than large brains right now.They mate with the others of the hive,lay eggs,and give orders.They have roots they attatch to the ground to prevent movement.
Geildak Egg Sacs are organic,and stick to everything within Geildak hives.
Geildak Babies must feed on the blood of living prey in order to grow.What they are only becomes known when they are adults.
Geildak Shadows are like upgraded Lurkers,only they work on land.Few Lurkers exist now because of the Shadows' existence.
Geildak Kaiser are massive serpentine creatures that are born in late Basin Flood life.They provide food for the hive,but are not amphibious.Therefore they die when the flood recedes,and their massive corpses restore the eco-system.

The Archon recently discovered the Geildak,and the Geildak are saving the Basin's resident Selki babies from a rival Selki pack.After this they will take the babies in.There are currently 4 Queens,and they still dominate a lot of the Basin.They live in a massive underground labyrinth of tunnels,and all share the same mind.


Species information: Strong, intelligent hunters. They can communicate with themselves and other species telepathically, they can also easily invade the minds of creatures that aren't trained to block them. They are resistant to radiation, stand between 7 and 10 feet tall and have an average lifespan of 150 years in good conditions. They mostly live in the basin. Current total population is around 21 000

Notable Events: Have formed an alliance with the serones and live in peace with most other species. They are currently in tribal


Race : Serones (twele?) *Update*
Height : 4 ft
Species type : Avian
Sentience: S-6
Flock size :48 ,23 adults the rest children and hatchlings

The flock is lead by a alpha male who is chosen from the bravest member of the flock(tribe).
They use their sharp talons (and now picks) to dig deep holes in th ground to live in. Recently they have been digging an artificial cave that is know about that size of a family home with separate chambers for food storage and for the alphas family. They are friends with the halaradi ( arch's creatures) and nogoodnames creatures. They worship a crystal computer taken from the wreckage of the spacecraft that brought them here.
On that note they are not native to this planet , they were brought here accidentally when half the Serones fleet (from rp2) was destroyed in orbit near this planet.

They have recently begun to have a racial war with a not yet named cat like creature which is an npc that ill get into more detail with as the feud evolves.


Species: Astran (update?)
Sentience: S-4

Description: Currently, the Astran have made friends with Krishona after a lovely feast. The Astran are currently up to Tribal, making a small community in Easten Quintin bay and the small area that connects the forest with the bay. small huts are around the place and the current leader Tenra had a small 'vision' from a pod sent to examine the Astran by the Astran from rp1 + 2. Now a small religion is formed with them believing that they will be taken to a higher plane of life by the higher Astran when they are ready. That is true... in a way


Species: The Orcs (update)

Sentience: S-4


Numbers: 1,800


The Xenomorphs are a Hive community. They are ruled by a queen, which is the most intelligent of them all. She controls the hole hive. If the hive becomes big enough, there may be needed another queen. When a Queen is being placed, she lays another egg, which will become a queen in the future. That way, there is a "backup" queen at any time.The Xenomorphs only care about the hive. When they find another species, they absorb its DNA and "farm" it. The Hive its self is alive. It mainly consist of tentacles. The hive origin is the Queen, if the Queen dies and she is not replaced soon, the Hive will die. Then all Xenomorphs will die. The Hive is controlled by the Queen too. It can create different caves:
-Farming caves - caves were animals are kept alive, to be eaten, or used as hosts.
-2 Queen caves - one for the young and one for the Controller Queen
-Incubator Caves - here alien eggs are moved, once the Queen leis them, and hatched.
-Breeding caves - Here animals are entangled to the wall and parasites use them as hosts.
-Hibernation caves - Here Xenomorphs sleep.
-Waste Caves - the hive leaves its acid waste here. then the waste evaporates in to the atmosphere true a small corridor going strait up.

The Queen can't move or fight her entire life. That is because she is connected to a egg laying organ. If she removes it, it will take months to regrow it. But if needed, she can move. The Queen and the Hive are fed by Drone Xenomorphs. The Drones also take care about the farming animals, the eggs and the digging. They are soldiers too. The Runners are used as scouts. The Praetorian's are very big and hard skinned, but slow and can't walk on walls. They are used to storm in, that way the enemy will attack them first, while the drones kill them. All xenomorphs can swim. The Glide xenomorph is like a drone, but with hidden wings, that can only glide.

A Queen can live up to 5000 years, but she will grow old. She must not get old, because of she gets old, her mental and physical power will decrees. To compensate for getting old, she uses her life energy, not to get older at all. This reduces her life to 2500 years, but that's better then not being able to control the hive, because of mental weakness.

The Queen can think of new ways, to evolve the hive. Some of the current hive evolutions:
-Farming Caves - caves were animals are kept alive, to be eaten, or used as hosts.
-Tentacle Traps - they are hidden. when a creature nears them, the tentacles will graph it. first they stun with poison. if it fails, they try killing with poison. if that fails, they explode and the acid blood will kill the creature for sure.
-Temperature sack - controls the temperature of the cave.
-Light sack - creates light
-Energy Absorbing blight - absorbs energy from the sun and transfers it to the light sacks.
-Waste caves - the hive leaves its acid waste here. then the waste evaporates in to the atmosphere true a small corridor going strait up.
-Water life - can grow underwater
-Artificial Caves - artificial caves, created by the hive tentacles, that grow above the ground.
-Underwater Artificial Caves - same as above, but underwater.

Species- Zuul (Rippermios ana Caeraltum)
(Zuul on the left during the Fusha wars*a future planned event*)
Sentience --- ?????????

Region--C2 (???) The Ser'than Islands

Description-- Little is known of these creatures currently history provided on them in our database describe them as Ravanous beast Covered in fur the Females more so than the males, they are depicted as having Glowing Azure eyes at night and when mind ripping, they are known to have limited psychic abilites are are extremely hostile. the Females are massive some towering over 8 feet are are physically imposing with there hand Claws (literally a set of large claws on the top of their hands over the opposable digits) it is believed that the females are subjegated by the males through mental means and have the sentiene level of advanced Pack animal hunters. the males however are believed to be quite intelligent, or atleast very curious in a take apart everything sort away, they will often scavenge for tools and use components parts of other societies for themselves even going as far as mind ripping there captured for information. the typical life span for a male is no more than 95.3 years. Zuul grow fast, live fast and die fast, staying in an infant period no longer than 5 years before becoming an independant threat. there can be as many as 12 infants in an litter, untended mothers are usually killed and eaten by their own young, weakened by the birthing process.

Diet: Omnivorous

Life span : 95 years

natural weapons: High strength, limited Psychi abilities varies from Zuul to Zuul,Fore talons on their hands

Reaction to other species: the Zuul are purely aggressive in nature and will kill with little mercy, the Zuul are no more developed than most creautres society wise, but have been known to be extremely curious taking what ever they wish froma subject to learn more of it, even if that means the subjects death. the Zuul have not encountered Sentient species and have branched out in the Ser'than Islands

Habitat: most Zuul around this time Reside in caves and underground formations, though they are not recluse cave dwelling animals.

History: it is believed these animals evolved from an ground rodent exposed to a form of radiation emitted from meteors found to be consistant with speices on this world since the Cellular phase, though for some reason this species in particular recieved adversed reactions to the Radiation and changed considerably from its humble rodent roots.

Reproduction Type: Sexual Male and Female-- Females Give birth -- 12 pups average

Chaste system: Males are normally the dominant one, one Zuul "Great Father" having literally complete mental dominance over the other males who have mental Dominance over the females, but usually due to the Great fathers mental abilities. He is usually in control over the other, and at the same time at greatest risk as if he shows any sign of weakness the other males will quickly slay him and take precidence.

Recent events: after the Shifting Highlands earthquake, the Zuul suffered many casualties and were sealed away in their Stone fortress for eight years, they have now recently begun to resurface, and they are pissed.

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Luminia Battle Station III


Species Name: Pebian (Diver and Crab Variants)
Picture or link to species: Diver Pebian, Crab Pebian
Region: Quitn Bay
Diver Pebians:
Diet: Omnivore, although fish is the main food eaten.
Breeding Habbits: Live young are born once a year, given birth by the male rather than the female, and are kept with their parents for five years.
Lifespan: Twelve Years
Reaction to other species: When seeing other species, Diver Pebians will react with harshness, defending their homes. They currently have little intelligence, meaning negotiation is foolish.

Crab Pebians:
Diet: Carnivore, eating meat and fish.
Breeding Habbits: Eggs are layed every five years, although twenty are laid per batch. Young stay with elders for five years after birth, until they can reproduce. They only reproduce once in their lives.
Lifespan: Ten Years
Reaction to other species: Aggresion is their only option, as they need to defend themselves and their homes, and they will most certainly not negotiate. They hate technology, and love collecting metal from dead opponents.

Three Diver Pebians slowly swam along the depths of the Quitn Bay, hunting for small fish which they will devour in an instant as soon as they locate. They have been scouring the shallow water for some days now, and although they have found some food, several of their pack have been lost, for it is a hard season to find fish…a barren season. The three slowly approach a coral reef, a perfect place to hunt, as it is abundant with fish life. The three Pebians begin to hunt, using their jet like back spines to propel themselves into the fish life, eating as many as possible. Once all are full, they make their way back up to the surface, and stick their heads out, breathing for a while and resting.

A Crab Pebian slowly sticks its eyes out of the ground, and examines his surrounding area, this Alpha Crab Pebian has just been awakened from a month of sleep, and is eager to examine the changing surroundings in the last month. Not much has changed in the bay, which is a very comforting thought for the Crab Pebian, the fact his home is in tact. He slowly walks sideways, as they cannot walk forwards or backwards, towards a piece of dead fish, which he then begins to devour hungrily. But he is still hungry, so he heads towards the sea in hope of finding fish.

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Race: Cryndar
Background story: The Cryndar are a omnivore species who tend to make a lot of nests. They can survive in water but prefer Oasises.

Naeshir the Cryndar was at his nest in the oasis when he got the message that him and a large group were moving into the largest oasis in the area. Naeshir gathered supplies and got ready to go. Naeshir had expereience with survival due to giant sand worms attacking his old nest. Naeshir got himself ready and his journey and story began.


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A dimension of unimaginable chaos.


Here is my species, the Halar bat, it lives in the Tai'tarran basin near the largest lake off center.

Several Halar bats flock, at night, as they are nocturnal across the basin...

OOC: Who else is Tai'tarran?

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Specis Rex
destribtion: the Rex are strong and faST.

Region : continent 3

colour red

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-Species Name: Yakan
-Picture or link to species: Larvae:


-Region(s): Ice volcano
-Description: Omnivores. These creatures are friendly, but very territorial.
-Color: Light green

the eight Yakan scurry down the mountain, looking for a good cave. Two of them carry another, who is pregnant. They find a cave and go in.

Signature by Didzo.

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Naeshir had almost made it to the Oasis and had taken one look back. The Oasis was large and plentiful with food. There was alot of competion for almost every area. The cryndar nest was set up in a good spot. There was water near and there was berries. There was also a nest of weak scuttling creatures. Naeshir tried one. They were filling and tasty. Life was looking up for their first day in the new Oasis.

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Somewhere in hell.



-Species Name: Xenomorph
-Picture or link to species: Sorry but my spore has to be reinstalled first

-Region(s): 2 continent, Ser'thran Islands
-Description: These creatures live in a hive. They have a queen which hatches

eggs. From these eggs a parasite emerges. The parasite must find another

creature and infect it with a xenomorph offspring. The offspring is very

small and eats the body, then it grows into a different kind of xenomorph.

The main xenomorphs are:
-Queen - controls the hive.
-Small Queen - when the big one dies, this will replace her.
-Drone - main attack xenomorph, takes care for the queen.
-Runner - a scout, deadly, fast, but easy to kill.
-Pretorian - big xenomorph, but slow and can't climb walls. It takes more

then a rocket launcher to kill it.
-Color: Black

(Yes, i will be a complete rip off)

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Right over there, by the mind twister and the God playing device.


Name: Lawlcat
Region: Auroral Heights, Tai'Tarran Peaks
Description: Strong and dedicated. teh Brawler Lawlcats are sopme of the best cats in the Heights. Some variations include Shinobi Cat and Lawlmages (If I can ever get the pic up...)

Brawler Lawlcats do most of teh fighting and digging. They are the strongest and most physically strong of teh bunch.

Shinobi Lawlcats are teh assassins. They also do Scouting missions.

LawlMages are the wisest of teh cats. They can predict the future and cats spellz.
Color: Dark Red


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Behind You.


Entry Form
-Species Name: Marlens
-Picture or link to species:
-Region: Fein Grass Lands
-Description: The Marlens are a relatively peaceful species. They mainly run from a fight even with the big spike on their butts. However if the need arises the Marlens use quantity to take down their enemies. Usually ending in a draw or victory..that is unless they lose(Lol).

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The Sporum, you fools.


OOC: I got the Second post in RP 3!

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